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We are operating since 1992, a company dealing with construction, procurement, maintenance,overhaul current repair of agricultural distilleries throughout the territory of Poland. Long-standing experience in the industry allows to perform the most demanding and difficult jobs in the field of welding high-alloy steels, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

We are providing services mentioned below:

  • current repair and overhaul of chemical equipment
  • production and repair of fractionating columns, scrubbers, fussel oil collectors,
  • production and repair of heat exchangers made of copper and stainless steel
  • sale and installation of pumps to the technological line
  • mixers production
  • tanks production
  • production of mono screw pumps 100 HSP
  • production of propeller pumps PS-3B-200
  • production of propeller pumps PS-3B-200

Continous development of our company allows to take more challenging projects, including those that differ from our main production profile. We are valued supplier of industrial pumps, which working in difficult conditions. Our products have proven themselves in hundreds of applications throughout the country. High quality and reliability is confirmed by feedback from our satisfied customers.